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Scott Michael Klumb

Scott Klumb is a multi-award-winning filmmaker. He is a storyteller, cinematographer, and editor, knowledgeable in a wide array of film styles, including documentary, where he creates artistic films with meaningful stories to captivate his audience. Based in Boulder, Colorado, Scott has found a passion for filmmaking, pursuing his talent both professionally and in his free time. Scott’s films have been in dozens of film festivals across the world. The notoriety has been encouraging but Scott’s primary focus is to inspire others and to continue his growth as a filmmaker.


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Official Trailer:
Autism: One Man's Journey
December 2019

Here is the trailer to my new documentary, Autism: One Man's Journey. Stay tuned for in person and virtual premieres.

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Award Winning:
Autism Ability
August 2020

Here is my short positive film Autism Ability that won best editor for the 2020 Easterseals Disability Film Challenge.

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Boulder, Colorado
April 2020

Here is a video I created for the Museum of Boulder about what it was like in Boulder, Colorado during the 2020 COVID-19 quarantine.

Timelapse Montage
August 2018

Here are some timelapses that I have captured in 2018. I filmed around Colorado and captured nature and cityscapes.

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September 2018

Here are some terrain park and backcountry footage that I have gathered along with some old urban footage to top it off.